Welcome to Forensic Science



What will we be up to in Forensics? 

During this semester we will explore the different aspects of forensic science.  Much of what has been learned in prior science courses will be put to practical use.  The course is a ˝ year elective, and passing Biology I is a prerequisite.  The following is a list of the topics we will cover and the tentative order in which they will be presented:

v  crime scene documentation

v  eyewitness validity

Ř  Eyewitness webquest

v  ballistics

v  anthropology

Ř  Bones power point

v  blood evidence  power point

v  trace evidence

v  logic

v  serology

v  toxicology

v  soil and footprint analysis

v  chromatography

v  odontology

v  fingerprinting

v  great bad guys

v  psychological and social profiling

Ř  typical serial killers power point

v  handwriting analysis

Ř  personality traits in handwriting

Ř  famous peoples’ handwriting samples

v  DNA analysis


v  We will also have a few presenters and go on a field day to our local investigative police headquarters.   




This will be the place to go for guidance, information, and links that will guide you to success.



Any questions?   Please email me right away.  Email Mr. Reis