Freshman Physics:

All about energy


 What is Freshman Physics all about? 

Freshman Physics introduces students to the basic concepts of how energy interplays with matter.  We will use a hands-on, inquiry based approach to exploring all major areas of traditional physics.  Tasks will often require group effort, but always demand individual ingenuity.

This ½ year course is for ninth graders and has no pre-requisite except a willingness to learn while working with others.


What we are learning in Freshman Physics?


Physics Standards Based Curriculum

This course is being offered for the first time this year.  As the current 9th graders have learned physics in the 8th grade, the schedule is intentionally loose to allow for ongoing curricular modification


1st month

Airplane Flight/intro to Physics

Projectile Motion/into to inquiry

Forces and Motion

Freefall problems PPT

30 ways to state Newton’s 1st Law

v and a worksheet

Newton’s3rd Law PowerPoint

Newton’s Laws site


2nd month

Newton's Laws jeopardy

Energy and Systems


3rd month

Calculating Energy Powerpoint


-End of Quarter 1-

Thanksgiving break


4th month


“Sound as a wave” 2 column notes

Electromagentic spectrum


Light PPT

Winter vacation


Last month


Review for exams

Jeopardy Review

-End of semester exams-



Teacher’s Note:  This syllabus is only intended on providing a rough idea of what to expect.  The curriculum was revised this year to better meet the state Grade Span Expectations (GSEs).  There will be various lab reports, quizzes, tests, writing assignments and even projects not listed above and some adjustment to time allotment.   Thank you for your patience, Mr. Reis