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There are many different types of Kelp Forests that thrive throughout the world’s oceans. Although Kelp Forests are greatly known to grow in the Pacific in waters less than 20oC (68oF) and below, forests can also grow in warmer climates. Kelp forests occur throughout polar to
Earthpolar regionsare the areas of theglobe surrounding the geographical pole also known as Geographical zone. TheNorth Pole and South Pole being the centers, these regions are dominated by thepolar ice caps, resting respectively on the Arctic Ocean and the continent ofAntarctica....
 coastal regions, but recently have been found to flourish in extremely warm waters near the equator. It is quite obvious that divers find this an extremely enjoyable place to explore and dive in for multiple reasons.



Kelp Forest – an underwater aquatic area where high densities of kelp thrive