Important Vocabulary


        Holdfast- a root-like mass that anchors the actual plant to the sea

        Upwelling- a process which delivers cool nutrient-rich water from depth to the oceanís s mixed surface layer

        Overfishing- fishing that reduces the stock of remaining fish in an area to below that which is acceptable

        Bryozoans- aquatic, colonial animals with branching, mossy or
fan-like growth

        Hydroids- colonial, plant-like animals closely related to jellyfish, with stinging cells

        Blade- the "leaves" of a kelp plant

        Stipe- the "stem" of a kelp plant

        Canopy - the masses of blades and stipes at the top of the kelp that are seen on the surface of the ocean

        Air bladder- a small balloon at the base of each blade that helps to keep the stipe and the blades of the kelp to float near the surface of the water