Humans, the Environment, and Estuaries


Humans have depended on estuaries for many things including trade, food and shelter. Estuaries are home to many plants and animals that humanís use as food and other reasons. Many times Estuaries can be greatly polluted from trash and sediment. Humans litter garbage and chemicals while sediment from rivers runs into Estuaries. Other dangers estuaries face is overpopulation, many times this can cause estuaries to be destroyed. Overall, humans use estuaries for many things but do not treat the estuaries well which can cause drastic changes in the environment.







         Of the 32 largest cities in the world 22 are located on Estuaries.

         Some Estuaries are very important to humans such as the Chesapeake and San Francisco Bays. They are large economically and militarily important harbors.



         Pollution from humans impacts estuaries greatly. Trash and sediment washed up from rivers has long-term effects on the animals that live in Estuaries. Many of this pollution is xenobiotic.

         Many times chemical contamination lingers in sediments for years which can cause many fishing areas to be closed.




         Estuaries have many animals and plants that humans depend on for food. There are many types of fish, crabs, and oysters.

         Many productive commercial fishing areas depend on phytoplankton nurtured by the seaward flow of clearer water, which in turn nurtures the fish.



         Construction of buildings, towns, cities, highways, and shipping facilities impact estuaries. Many times by building these things Estuaries were destroyed.