Marine Ecosystem WebPages 2009

Custom made by the fine students of

Narragansett High School’s Oceanography course

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·         Coral reefs– by Terry, Julia, and Taylor

·         Deep Sea and Hydrothermal Vents– by Amy and Jess

·         The Rocky Shoreline– by Jay, Rachel, and Reilly

·         The Pelagic Environment– by Justin, Denny, and Sean (needs fixing)

·         Kelp Forests– by Marge

·         Salt Marshes– by Sara and Alyssa

·         Kelp Forests– by Carissa

·         Estuaries– by Max, Austin, and Mike

·         Rocky Shores– by Jan and Steven

·         The Arctic– by Sean, Joey, and Dan

·         Mangrove Swamps– by Kellen and Mike