History of Social Studies Extra Curricular Activities, Last Thirty Years Of Accomplishments At Narragansett High School


Compiled by, Mr. Paul Iacono

Posted May 2006


The students of Narragansett High School have brought honor to the school in many ways.  During the last thirty years students and teachers from the Social Studies Department have worked together on various clubs and activities that have shown their dedication to compete and perform in the public arena. There are many examples of this competitive spirit. Starting with the infancy of the school, Mr. Robert Kimball began to instill in students the realization that extracurricular activities were absolutely necessary in order to develop a student’s personality and interpersonal skills.

Over the past thirty years, under the direction of Mr. Andrew Robinson, and Mr. John O’Brien, the High School’s Mock Trial Team confidently and capably participated in many State competitions making it to the State playoffs and winning victories on many occasions. Mr. Robinson’s 1987 Mock Trial Team was very talented and won the State championship. In 1987 the Rhode Island Bar Association, in honor of the NHS Team and the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, sponsored the Team in the national Mock Trial competition that was held in Washington, D.C.

Under the direction of Mr. William Hilley, the Narragansett High School Speech and Debate Team during the years of September 1986 through June of 1989 won fifteen State Speech and Debate league trophies. Mr. Hilley’s team also made it to the national competition that was held in New Orleans in 1987.  This championship spirit continued during the years September 1989 through June 1991, the Speech and Debate Team under the direction of Mr. Paul Iacono and his wife Jackie, won five State awards, three of those were 1st place trophies in speech and varsity debate. Their teams also competed at the National Forensic League tournament in New York City.  Mr. Ray Xavier took over the team in September 1991 and the students brought home another State championship 1st place award in 1992.

Through the years 1978 through the present, the School’s Model Legislature Teams, under the direction of various advisors such as Mr. Ed Brown, Mr. Andrew Robinson, Mrs. Barbara Duggan, Ms. Ann Marie Patterson, and Mr. Paul Iacono have developed hundreds of students’ awareness of the skills necessary to participate in the political and legislative process. Numerous students gained leadership positions and chairmanships of committees in the State Model Legislature. One of the most prominent was the Honorable David Cicilline, the current Mayor of Providence, who in 1979 earned the position of Speaker of the House in the Model Legislature.

Mr. Iacono was the class advisor to the Class of 1985 and 1990. Both of these classes put on outstanding Variety Shows in which students acted out sections from the movies “The Blues Brothers,” “Annie,” and “Flashdance.” Mr. Thomas Quinn and Mrs. Mary Ann Jones were the advisors to the Class of 1988 and 1992. They provided enthusiastic models of school spirit to the students. The Class of 1988 was an especially spirited group of students. They won the Spirit Week competition when they were freshmen. Mr. Quinn also had literary interests. He worked as the advisor to the Yearbook in 1983 and during that year the Maritimes changed from a large format book to the now popular 8.5 x 11 style. As advisor to the Compass, the school newspaper, Mr. Quinn and his student staff spent many afternoons at the old Narragansett Times building in Wakefield. They were very dedicated to continuously creating quality student newspapers.

Since 2002 Mrs. Kristin Hayes has coordinated the successful Capitol Forum program in which students have participated in debating the issues and discussing foreign policy with former and current Federal officials.

Students at Narragansett High have also exhibited a fine sense of community spirit in their participation in numerous community service projects. Mr. Iacono and the Class of 1985 began the tradition known as the South County Community Cup. This is a volleyball competition between the senior classes of Narragansett vs. their arch rivals South Kingstown. Money raised from these competitions is contributed to local South County chari-ties. South Kingstown continually won the contest for many years, but the Class of 1999 in May of their senior year, won the game and brought the “Cup” back to Narragansett High where it proudly remains in the front lobby. Students won awards in 2002 and 2004 from Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Ms. Ann Marie Paterson and Mrs. Madeline Marcotte were instrumental in coordinating the “Memorial Walk for Glen Hayes” and Ms. Patterson and Mrs. Hayes coordinated the “Walk for Maddie.” These were two School wide efforts in which the entire Narragansett community contributed to scholarships and fundraising efforts for Narragansett students.

          Bringing a sense of vitality and enthusiasm to the position of Student Council Advisor was the hallmark of the following teachers: Mr. Robert Shuman (1993 – 1997), Mr. James Marcus Schroeter (1997 – 2004) and Ms. Gabrielle McNamara who became the advisor in 2005 and coordinated won-derful Spirit Week activities this year.  Mr. Shuman brought enthusiasm and a “can do” spirit to the Council. Mr. Schroeter brought a zany sense of creativity to the position. His imaginative ideas included instigating the highly successful Power Puff football game during Spirit Week and the starting the annual School Talent Night. Mr. Schroeter still delights all with the extravagant costumes that he proudly wears during Spirit Week.