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NPS Enrichment - Lego

The Narragansett Pier School offers robotics as part of SOAR enrichment, Unified Arts, and after school enrichment programming. Students have an opportunity to be enrolled in several different robotics "courses" throughout their time at the Pier School. 

Robotics I: Introduction to building and programming robots using the Carnegie Mellon Curriculum. Students use a combination of the Virtual Bot and a real EV3 robot that they can manipulate during class. Students learn basic movements, turns, and begin the use of sensors such as the touch sensor.  Robotics I is offered to ALL 6th grade students as a Unified Art for one semester, either fall or spring. Students are required to keep a robotics journal displaying their knowledge throughout the semester. Students who move at a quicker pace are offered bonus challenges at the completion of each unit and/or move on to the curriculum in Robotics II.

Robots II. Continuation of the Carnegie Mellon Curriculum where students learn to use more sensors such as the color sensor, sound sensor, gyroscopic sensor and ultrasound. Students gain advanced programming skills, work through building challenges, and combine their programming and building skills to complete challenges from the TUFTS CEEO Lego Engineering Curriculum. Robots II is offered to students who have already completed coursework in Robotics I.

Robots III. This competitive class competes in the FIRST Lego League competition sponsored by the non-profit,Rhode Island Students of the Future (RISF). Students work to complete challenges on a thematic game board. This competition comprises of three elements: the robot, teamwork, and the research project. For the research project, students develop a solution to a problem of their choice within the current year's theme. The 2017-2018 theme is "Hydrodynamics". Check out the teaser here. Robotics III is offered during the school day, during SOAR block first semester, for qualifying 6th grade students and available to all students grades 5 - 8 as an after-school course in the fall.

Read what Mark Cuban says about the need for robotics education in Forbes Magazine here

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