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NPS Enrichment - The Enrichment Teacher

The enrichment teacher's schedule is based on Renzulli's 3/5th model in which 3 parts of the day (or week) is dedicated to direct services to students and 2 parts of the day (or week) is dedicated to collaborative work with teachers and facilitation of program services.

The enrichment teacher acts as a resource consultant, peer coach and facilitator to the students and staff through the use of technology and other materials to:

Type 1
Provide ALL students with enrichment opportunities through interest-based activities before and after school.

Type 2
Provide classroom teachers with resources and strategies to assist in the development and revision of differentiated instructional units and/or lessons with emphasis on higher-level thinking skills. (i.e. differentiated instructional strategies addressing content, process and products)  and collaborate with teachers within the classroom on the delivery of differentiated units and/or lessons.

Type 3
Provide identified students with challenging learning experiences and projects that are extensions of the regular curriculum, during SOAR Block in the resource area (Room W-14). Type 3 projects are investigations and explorations of real world problems which delve deeper into the curriculum and are based on student interest. Research projects culminate in a fair or exhibition.

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