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TechQuest Participants:
  • Pre-Assessment - Complete the TechQuest Pre-Assessment on the first day of the TechQuest class. This tool will determine a baseline technology level, as well as provide space to communicate class expectations and goals.

  • Self Assessment - Complete this Reflection Sheet after each class, save the file to your own computer, and then email it as an attachment to the trainers.  This process not only allows the participant to reflect on their own learning, but also reinforces technology skills learned in class. Honest and thorough comments will drive instruction in the upcoming classes.

  • Post-Assessment - The Project Rubric will be used to evaluate participant projects. Are you interested in how the rubric was created? Take a look at the Authentic Assessment Planning Sheet used for TechQuest 2007. (Blank Authentic Assessment Planning Sheet)

  • The Exit Survey will be used on the last day of the TechQuest class. This will not only be used to mark a growth in technology understanding and use but will also provide feedback for the instructor. Honest and thorough comments will help to shape future TechQuest classes.

Student Assessment (For Your Project):

Create a pre, self, and post-assessment to be used with your project. Be sure to organize and name your files appropriately.

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