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The Renzulli Learning web site has thousands of sites that have been screened for their educational appropriateness. Use the Renzulli Learning web site to search and find educationally sound sites on a particular subject. 

You are creating a "Hot List" for students when you select "Add to Favorites" or "Add to Student Favorites" in Renzulli Learning. NPS Fifth grade students will be able to see the sites that you bookmark for them when they log in to Renzulli Learning. Create your own Hot List from the sites you found if your students are in 6th, 7th or 8th grade.

While you are at the Renzulli Learning Site, explore the Super Starter Projects which can be found under "Teacher Resources."  You will find several rich lessons that can instantly be used or modified for use in your classroom.

Create a project of your own in the "Wizard Project Maker" which can be found by clicking on the Student Site Tab. The Wizard Project Maker will guide you or your students through creating an independent project. You can upload files to your portfolio as they are created which allows you access wherever you can get online!

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