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The sample Independent Study Contract below was created on the Renzulli Learning site in the Wizard Project Maker area. This is a wonderful tool for guiding the independent learner through meaningful work. The wizard will guide TechQuest participants in creating a full and rich project by clearly defining the goals and the content of the lesson and learning that will be taking place in their classroms.

Sample Independent Study Contract:

Project Name:

TechQuest - Sample Digital Storytelling Project

Created by:

Holly Walsh


Grade: 5-8

Teacher: Walsh

School: NPS

Start Date: 3/7/2007

End Date: 4/11/2007

Dates for Progress Meetings with My Teacher: 3/14/2007  3/21/2007  3/28/2007  4/4/2007 

Digital Storytelling - That Reminds Me of a Story
Students will craft a creative writing piece based on their RAFT selections and then use PhotoStory3 to create a Digital Storytelling movie of their writing piece.


  • Creative Writing
  • Computers/Technology/Gaming
  • Photography/Video


My lesson will be shared on the NPS website and with my students.  I will be uploading the components of my lesson to my Renzulli Portfolio so that I understand how it works and have a sense of what student at the High School will be required to do in organizing and compiling information digitally for a portfolio.


  • Technology/Computer


Step 1:  Preview some student example of Digital Storytelling pieces.  (Watch DVD created by Green Team Students)

Step 2:  Decide on the Write Trait components that I will be teaching in the lesson.  Decide on criteria for the creative writing piece. (6 Traits Web Resources Organized by Trait -
Remember to gather student web resources into an organized hot list as I go.  These can be saved in the Resouces tab in Renzulli's Wizard Project Maker.

Step 3: Develop a RAFT assignment for the students to allow for differentiation in content of their stories as well as ability levels of students.  Upload to Renzulli site.

Step 5:  Create a sample creative writing piece.  Upload the document to the Renzulli site.

Step 4:  Learn how to use PhotoStory3.  (Tutorials or Lesson from Teacher)

Step 5:  Create Digital Storytelling movie using PhotoStory as a sample for my students. Organize photos gathered online, from digital camera, or scanner in a folder within my project folder.  Step through the screens in PhotoStory exploring the options that are available on each screen.  Upload to Renzulli site.

Step 6:  Assessment - Create pre, post and self assesments for my students.


Write Traits Sites

Digital Storytelling Sites

Sound Sites


Students - I will be creating this project to be used in my classroom at Narragansett Pier Middle School in grades 5-8.

Teachers - I will be documenting the process and components so that teachers can try my lesson out in their classrooms.  My work will be posted on the NPS site teacher access.


What did you enjoy about working on your project?:
What did you learn as you were completing your project?:
Were you satisfied with the final product? In what ways?:
What could you have done to improve your final project?:
How were you helped with your project? What resources helped you the most?:
Do you think you might like to do another project in the future? Do you have any ideas about the content area of your next project?:


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