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If you want to expose learners to a variety of media on a specific topic, you might want their first web-based activity to be the exploration of a Multimedia Scrapbook. A Scrapbook lets learners dig through a collection of sites you've selected and categorized. It is a way to add web based resources to traditional resources. Links can include photographs, maps, stories, facts, quotations, sound clips, videos, virtual reality tours, whatever! Learners use the Scrapbook to find aspects of the topic that's important to them. They then download or copy and paste these scraps into a newsletter, desktop slide show, collage, bulletin board, HyperStudio stack, new web page or even a scrapbook of their own. The Multimedia Scrapbook offers an open, student-centered approach based on what appeals to them.

Take a look at some Scrapbook examples. You will see that multimedia scrapbook means different things to different people. Take the best elements from each of these examples and build your own masterpiece!

  • Exploring China - Would you like to go to China? If you could, where would you go? What would you be most interested in seeing?
  • A Scrapbook on the Wretched Institution - A scrapbook about slavery. Essential questions are important when developing multimedia scrapbooks.
  • A Scrapbook on the Past and Present - The instructions are particularly nice in this scrapbook example
  • Jazz History Scrapbook - This is a nice example of an exploration into the amazing world of Jazz.
  • Science in the City - This is an interesting example of how several different classes and grades put together a scrapbook based on "Science in the City".
  • Homesteading Mars Project - This is an interesting example. This page is apparently old so many of the links do not work but take a minute to look at the purpose behind creating this particular scrapbook. Where will students go with this type of learning? How will that learning look different from a traditional classroom.
  • Frogs Multimedia Scrapbook - This is not the richest example of a Multimedia Scrapbook. What are your thoughts? Who do you think created this and what was their purpose?
  • What is a Multimedia Scrapbook? - A scrapbook about scrapbooks :)


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