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The Narragansett Pier School is offering a technology related professional development opportunity in the spring of 2007 in an effort to continue to reach the school goal of seamless technology use and integration in all our classrooms.  We believe that technology is a tool.  We do not teach tools, but rather, teach life through the tools that are available at the time.  The focus this year, as in years past, will be to embed technology learning in the creation of a useful and meaningful unit or lesson that can be immediately utilized in the classroom.  Participants will be actively engaged in the learning process by gathering the skills and tools necessary to create a standards based, differentiated project based on a unit or lesson in their curriculum.

“I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember. 
I do and I understand.”

Several differentiated instructional strategies will be modeled and explored as we develop this year’s units and lessons.  Give yourself the luxury of time to hone and improve your craft!

Who should attend this year’s TechQuest training?

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Classroom Assistants
  • Literacy Teachers
  • Specialized Teachers

Why would you want to join TechQuest create a project?

  • To work toward the school goal of creating an environment where technology is used seamlessly throughout the day by both teachers and students
  • To set aside time for you to hone and improve your craft
  • To apply all that you have been hearing in our recent professional development about differentiated instruction
  • To create an opportunity for your students to use higher level thinking skills
  • To strengthen your own technology learning in a meaningful context
  • To stay in tune with your students who are becoming increasingly comfortable with the use of technology in their daily lives
  • To expand the possibilities of how you might use technology in your own life
  • To obtain URI credit

Please email Holly Walsh no later than February 26th if you are interested in joining the TechQuest class this year!

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