Problem Solving Tasks for Grades 6-8
1.  Select tasks that are the appropriate level of challenge for you.  Use the Exemplars rubric as a guide for explaining your solutions to the problems you choose from the “Palette of Problems” challenges below. 


2.  Honor System:  Do not read the solutions section until you are finished solving the problem(s) and have explained your thinking using the rubric referenced above.

3. Attach your solutions to the Summer Mathematics Fun Reflection Sheet and Summer Mathematics Fun Log.



Mathematics Games for Grades 5-8

Directions:  Explore mathematics games from all grade levels!

Grade 5 Investigations Games (Downloads)


Information for Parents

Double-Digit Multiplication Checklist



Grade 6 Information

Grade 6 CMP2 Games (Online)


Grade 7 Information

Grade 7 CMP2 Games (Online)