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Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers,

We wanted to take the time to update our progress on finding additional helping hands for the PTO. Parents who are willing to dedicate some of their precious time to assist a non profit organization helping their children and their school. We thank you all..
  1. Secretary -Our ever faithful Cheryl Butler steps up to the PTO Secretary position while also keeping our facebook page up to date and working on making so many recreational area dreams come true. The Narragansett School system is so ever grateful for this ladies countless years of dedicated volunteerism. This PTO is lucky.
  2. Treasurer- Trish Aldrich has stepped up in a big way to be our current acting treasurer. She may be joined soon by another interested parent to assist. She has done a tremendous job getting the PTO on track and we thank her for her time and efforts. 
  3. Box Tops Committee Member- Julie Silvestri. This parent has already put her creative touch on the box tops committee with her creativity. Check out the box tops bulletin board and its' superheroes. Thank you Julie.
  4. Outdoor NPS Recreational Committee:  As indicated Cheryl Butler is heading up a committee for a wonderful new project that will serve all the students at NPS present and future.**More members needed please. Feel free to contact this wonderful Mom.
  5. Bulletin Board:  The lovely Renae Martin has graciously accepted putting her touch to the PTO news and info on our bulletin board in front of the office. Thank you Renae.
  6. Holiday Gift Shop Committee Member(s): Lea Highcove is now working together with two terrific parents that were willing to offer their time to run future Holiday Gift shops. Dorothy Mullen and Ann Ita Sykes have volunteered to assist in this popular fundraiser and we appreciate it. Thank you ladies.
  7. Book Fair -We are still hoping to find a parent or two who are interested in running the ever popular book fair. This is a rewarding committee to organize with a friend. Only two very anticipated events a year organized by a helpful scholastic book fair team and our NPS committee members. If you are interested please contact Trish St.Laurent. 
Happy Coming Holidays!!


NPS PTO Board Members 2016-2017

Co-Presidents Marilyn Corrigan and Trish 
Treasurer Trish
Secretary Cheryl

Article III - Members
Section 1.  Eligibility.  Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student enrolled and attending NPS may be a member as well as any teacher employed at the school subject only to compliance with the provision of the bylaws.  Membership in the NPS  PTO shall be available without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.