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-5 out of 10 dogs in shelters are killed.

- 7 out of ten cats in shelters are killed.

-Only 10%-20% of pets in shelters are adopted.

-The cost of spaying and neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year.

-The estimate of stray cats alone is in the 70 millions.


























Thesis Statement:

The greatest need of an animal shelter is space. More people should neuter and spay their pets if they are not breeders. Therefore, shelters will have more space.




Our Trip to the South County Animal Shelter:

On our trip we had a great time and learned a lot about the animals living there: We learned their struggles, what they need (space, toys, beds,food) and also found out about there history. We saw twenty two cats and six dogs. We later found that four of the dogs were adopted. We found out all of this information by Mrs Walter. We had a great time at the animal shelter!

Helpful Links:

     Pet finder:


     Humane Society:


     Adopt A Pet:

     Animal Shelters:


National Animals Days National Save the Rhino day- May 1st

National Dog day-August 26th

National Pig day-March 1st

National Bird day- January 5th

National Polar Bear day- February 27th

National Puppy day-March 23rd

National Adopt a Cat month- June

National Bald Eagle Watch month-January

Photo Gallery: Pets from the South County Animal Shelter

Text Box:  Text Box:  Prince Cookie




Text Box:  Text Box:  Ghost Tyson



Text Box:  Text Box:  Betty Sue Gizmo




How to adopt a pet

1.    You research pets and what their needs are.

2.    You check if your house is suitable for this type of pet.

3.    Go to local animal shelters, and see the types of pets they have.

4.    Get all the supplies you need and choose your pet.

5.    Take the pet home, let it settle in, and give it a name and its own space.

6.    Once it gets accustomed to you and your home, give it lots of love and care.

7.    Have a great time with your new pet!