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Automating Authentic Assessment With Rubrics - Streamlining the time-intensive task of authentic assessment requires a technological solution: project evaluation using rubrics on a computer.


Chicago Public Schools Performance Assessment Ideas and Rubrics -

Ideas and Rubrics, Standards, Lessons Assessments


Conversaciones y Cultura: Rubrica


Evaluating Web Pages: A WebQuest


HyperStudio Project Rubric


Integrating Technology - Vignettes


Integrating Technology into your Curriculum


Internet Skills Rubrics


Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – Assessment Rubrics – Countless Subject-Specific and General Rubrics


MidLink Magazine Teacher Resource Room - Critical Thinking Skills, Teaching Resources, Graphic Organizers, KWHL Chart, Rubrics and Handouts, Rubrics, Rubric "How To's"


Multimedia Grading Rubric

Integrating U. S. History with Educational Technology


The Multimedia Project – Project-Based Learning with Multimedia


Rubric for "Publishable Quality" Engaged Learning Web Sites


Rubrics for Web Lessons


Rubistar – Create rubrics for your Project Based Learning Activities


The Staff Room – Countless rubrics to evaluate student work!


Teacher Tech Tools - An Internet Hotlist on Teacher Tech Tools


Teach-ology – Create a variety of rubrics online!



Technology Integration Proficiency Rubric


Technology & Teaching – Ideas for Web-Based Lessons


Understanding Rubrics in the Middle School

Invention Report, Book Talk, Oral Presentation, Evaluating a Scrapbook, Persuasive, Essay, Autobiographical Event Essay

Welcome to enGauge!- This site is designed to help districts and schools plan and evaluate the system wide use of educational technology.


A Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests - The WebQuest format can be applied to a variety of teaching situations. If you take advantage of all the possibilities inherent in the format, your students will have a rich and powerful experience. This rubric will help you pinpoint the ways in which your WebQuest isn't doing everything it could do.


Utilizing a Computer Database as an Automated Rubric Form –