Core Question

How can people become effective, capable, and responsible users of technology;

enabling communication in an increasingly global world?

Essential Questions Grades 5-8


Basic Computer / Technology Use

How do the elements of technology, and all curricula, integrate to enhance teaching and learning?


File and Resource Management

What is the value of producing and maintaining information through technology resources, techniques, and methodologies?


Social and Ethical Issues

What is the importance of technology awareness in daily life, and how can we appropriately use technology in problem solving and decision-making?


Word Processing

How can technology promote the writing process through the logical and coherent use of the printed word?


Presentation Tools

How can technology promote communication through a variety of means? (web authoring, graphics, publisher, powerpoint, excel, word, etc.)


Spreadsheets / Databases

How can technology be used to analyze and describe data, enhance problem solving, and encourage personal creativity?


Internet Use

How can we use technology to access information, thus becoming critical and independent users of the internet?


Integration Projects

What is the value of aligning appropriate technology resources with varied content areas?


Problem Solving

How can the use of technology in the implementation of research strategies improve teaching and learning within content areas?