Calendar of Due Dates for Your Digital Portfolio




Directions: There is a due date for each of the steps below.  Please have the appropriate line initialed by Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Hodge, or Mrs. Gabrilowitz on or before the due date.



Due Date





Week 1

Set up folders in your file fore each of the required areas: the Unified Arts, Arts, English, History, Math, Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.



Week 2

Collect the work you’ve done this year which you feel has potential for inclusion in the digital portfolio.  Put it in a manila folder and divide it according to categories for the digital portfolio.



Week 3

Select the works you think should be included in your digital collection.  (This is probably a good time for some conferences.)  Make a list of pieces you want to include and the media used of each piece. (Planning Sheet)



Week 4

Store the works you have chosen in the appropriate folders.



Week 5

Create a web page or PowerPoint presentation that incorporates each category.



Week 6

Design a title page for your work using the required format.  Be sure to use the worksheet designed to guide this work.  It is important that the pages all be accessed the same way.



Week 7

Rehearse your presentation so that you are ready to share your digital portfolio with a panel of responders.



Week 8

Present your digital portfolio.