Summary of the Digital Portfolio Process

Beginning your portfolio…

1.    Write a short (one paragraph) biography to enter into the student info section.

2.    Bring a photo to scan or have your picture taken with the digital camera.


After you have selected your work…

1.    Make sure your work is proof read and corrected.  Only your final copy goes in your portfolio.

2.    Type and proof read the Entry Slip

3.    Once your work is finished and approved by your teacher, see Mrs. Walsh, Mrs. Hodge, or Mrs. Gabrilowitz about getting started.


Entering your work into the portfolio…

1.    Be ready to answer the following questions:

a.     Title of piece of work

b.    Date of completion

c.     Descriptive title of text

d.    Commonalities that relate to your entry

e.    Skills that relate to your entry

2.    Digitize pictures that will be included in your entry.

3.    Have your script typed and ready to record if audio is part of your entry.


Present your portfolio to an agreed upon audience.