Can You Get to The Grocery Store?

3.  Student Activity


1.  Go to to get the directions to the store and find out how long it will take to get there and back. Record on the Task sheet.



2.  Go to to find out the prices for the items on the Grocery list. Record on the task sheet.


3.  Use the calculator to find the total cost for all the groceries. Record on the task sheet.


4.  The teacher asked you at 10:30 to run this important errand for her. Lunchtime for your class is 1:05. Figure out how much time you have to run your errand and get back to the school.


5.     If you left the school at 12:00, the store was 10 minutes away, and it took you thirty minutes to complete your grocery shopping, what time would you return to the school? Did you make it back to the school in time?


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