Who Will You Live With?


Wandering through a huge neighborhood yard sale one rainy Saturday, you spot a cluttered pile of boxes and bins that arouse your curiosity.  As you pick through the boxes hoping to find a valuable treasure your eyes catch a glimpse of a large object partially covered by a blanket in the corner of the garage.

You slowly walk over to the object that is half hidden beneath an old greasy blanket and lift a corner of the blanket cautiously. Before you sits a brass machine dotted with complicated controls and two thick windows.

An old man dressed in dusty overalls rushes toward you with an excited smile on his face.  He shakes your hand and invites you to explore the machine as he whispers secretively to you of itŐs purpose.  He can tell that you are just the person to buy his fine time machine.

Your parents sigh when they  see the latest contraption you drag behind you.  They point to the garage and inform you that this monstrosity will not come into the house with your other treasures.

In the garage you polish up the old time machine and dream of places to visit.  However when you clean away the dust and grime on a dial called the Chooser you see that there are only 4 choices.


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