I. Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance Formerly #8111


A.     Statement of Philosophy


1. Purpose


The Narragansett School Committee is responsible to the people for whose benefit the school district has been established. Further, it is recognized that the School Committee influences the course of education in the district's schools for years to come. By virtue of this responsibility, the School Committee and each of its members must look to the future and to the needs of all people more than the average citizen finds necessary. This requires a comprehensive perspective and an emphasis on long-range planning in addition to attention to immediate problems.


The School Committee's primary responsibility is to establish policies, programs and procedures which will best meet the educational needs of district students. It is charged with accomplishing this while also being responsible for the careful management of resources

available to the district. The School Committee must fulfill these responsibilities by functioning primarily as a legislative body to formulate and adopt policy, by selecting an executive officer to implement policy, and evaluating the results of these efforts. Further, it must carry out its functions openly, while seeking the involvement and contributions of the public, students, and staff in its decision making processes.


In accordance with these principles, the Narragansett School Committee will seek to achieve the following goals:


      To concentrate the School Committee's collective effort on its policy making and

planning responsibilities.

      To formulate School Committee policies which best serve the educational interests of

each student.

      To provide the superintendent with sufficient and adequate guidelines for

implementing School Committee policies.

      To maintain effective communication with the public and with the staff, parents, and


      To conduct School Committee business openly, soliciting and encouraging broad

based involvement in the School Committee's decision making process by public,

students and staff.




Reference: Chapter 16 of the General Laws of Rhode Island



Accepted: February 13, 2003