I. Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance Formerly #8410


B.     Code of Ethical School Standards & Basic Management Principles


6. Minutes


The minutes of the Narragansett School Committee meetings constitute the written record of Narragansett School Committee action, kept as specified in Title 42-46-7 of the General laws of Rhode Island and are the legal evidence of what the action was. The clerk of the School Committee will be responsible for reporting in the minutes all actions taken by the School Committee. The individual assigned the tasks of actually recording and transcribing the minutes will do so as an agent of the School Committee. If corrections are suggested by members and voted by the School Committee, these sections will be revised. The minutes of all meetings must be approved by the Narragansett School Committee. Approved minutes will become permanent records of the School Committee.


The approved minutes of all open meetings are on file and available to the public at the Administration Building within thirty-five days of the meeting or the next regular meeting, whichever is earlier. Exceptions to the normal availability of minutes will only be made according to Title 4246- 7 of the General Laws of Rhode Island.


The minutes of Executive Sessions shall be made public at the next regularly scheduled meeting unless a majority of the Narragansett School Committee votes to keep the minutes closed pursuant to Titles 42-46-4 and 42-46-5 of the General Laws of Rhode Island.






Reference: Title 42-46 of the General Laws of Rhode Island.



Accepted: February 13, 2003