I.  Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance                                    Formerly #9100


C.  Bylaws


            1.  Organization






The organizational meeting of the Narragansett School Committee will take place bi-Annually at the first regular meeting following the certification of elected Town officials. The Superintendent of Schools shall call the meeting to order and shall preside until a Chairperson person is elected.




The Committee Chairperson, vice-Chairperson, and Clerk will be elected at the organizational meeting, referred to in Section I, or at such time as any office shall become vacant. The Superintendent of the School System will preside over the election the Chairperson. The position of Chairperson will be elected by ballot first followed by the office of Vice Chairperson and then Clerk. A majority of the full committee (3 votes) will be required to elect.


If the office of Chairperson becomes vacant through death, resignation, inability to serve, absence or change of residence from the District, or if the vacancy occurs through any other cause, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson until a new Chairperson is elected. Such election to take place only if a full five member committee is seated.


If the office of Clerk becomes vacant for any of the reasons cited in above paragraph in this section, the Committee Chairperson will appoint a temporary clerk from the committee membership until the former Clerk's resignation has been formally accepted by the Committee and then the Committee will elect a new Clerk once the replacement is certified.