I.  Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance                         Formerly #9910


        C.  Bylaws


              10.  Sub-Committees/Liaisons/Advisory Committees


The Committee shall from time to time establish sub-committees/liaisons/advisory committees to assist it in the completion of its business and serve as representatives of the committee on approved advisory committees and boards. The Chairperson has the responsibility to appoint all members of such sub-committees, liaisons and advisory committees. Committee members may make nominations of non-school committee members (Narragansett residents) to the Chairperson for such positions. School Committee members may also serve in such positions, but no more than two (2) may serve on any sub-committee or advisory committee.


All such appointed groups/individuals shall be given a written charge, including, but not limited to a statement of the problem or concern initiating the sub-committee, instructions, desired investigations, dates for progress reports to the Narragansett School Committee and a termination date of service.


Sub committees and advisory committees shall elect their own officers (Chairpersons are appointed) and schedule their own meetings at times and locations of their own choosing. The operation of all sub-committees and advisory councils must meet all applicable state regulations and laws. Reports of all sub-committees are advisory in nature and made only to the School Committee.


The Superintendent shall appoint an administrative support person to all such sub-committees to assist in meeting arrangements, informational gathering and report writing. Such support persons are not to be considered a member of the sub-committee or advisory committees, nor are they to be held responsible for advisory outcomes of the sub-committee.


All sub-committees, liaisons and advisory committees may be dissolved or terminated at any regular or special meeting of the School Committee.