I.Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance††††††††††††††††††††††† Formerly #9920




11.Superintendentís Responsibilities


The Superintendent serves as the chief executive officer of the School Committee. The Superintendent carries out all policies, rules and regulations established by School Committee. The School Committee expects its Superintendent to fulfill the role of educational leader in the community. This means the Superintendent will keep the public informed as to the activities, achievements, needs and directions of the school system. In so doing the Superintendent should employ all avenues of communication including the various media, small group discussions, speeches and other personal appearances. As the educational chief executive the Superintendent as a matter of routine, should inform the Committee regularly of new trends in education and their implications, if any, for the system. The Committee also needs to be kept informed regarding the school system's performance as compared to other systems with rationale or explanation.