I.  Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance                                    Formerly #9500


C.  Bylaws


5.  Orientation






The School Committee and its administrative staff shall assist each new member-elect to understand Committee functions, policies, and procedures before and when the member takes office. The new member-elect also needs to be brought up to date with regard to current problems, concerns and issues. The following methods may be employed:


a.   The electee shall be given selected material related to Committee membership;

b.   The Superintendent and Committee members will supply, pertinent materials and explain their use to electees;

c.   The incoming members shall be invited to meet with the Superintendent and/or Chairperson to discuss the services that Administration performs for the Committee and they shall be given the Title 16 Laws of the State of Rhode Island, Rhode Island Special Education Regulations, The Narragansett School Committee By-Laws and Policy Manual, agreements, budget and contracts.




School Committee members are encouraged to prepare themselves for maximum service to the community through:


a.   Conferences with other School Committee members;

b.   Conferences with the Superintendent;

c.   Visits to observe administrative office practices;

d.   Membership in the State School Committee Association;

e.   Visits to schools as a committee or individually,

f.    Participation in curriculum committee studies,

g.   Attendance and participation at educational conferences and conventions;

h.   Reading educational magazines and periodicals;

i.    Appearances at Parent-Teacher Association, Civic and Church group meetings;

j.    Study of by-laws of the School Committee;

k.   Familiarization with departmental policies, regulations and staff job descriptions.


Where applicable, the above should be accomplished consistent with Rhode Island's Open Meeting Laws.