I.  Mission, Legal Structure, and System of Governance                                    Formerly #9900


C.  Bylaws


9.  Agenda




It will be the duty of the Chairperson, in cooperation with the Superintendent to prepare the agenda for all meetings of the Narragansett School Committee.


An individual School Committee member may request in writing to the Superintendent or through the Chairperson that an item be placed on the agenda. Such request should not be unreasonably denied. If such a request is refused, the member may direct that the item request be placed on the agenda under new business for consideration. A majority vote of the Committee can allow it to be considered as an action item.


The agenda and supportive material will be written and distributed to School Committee members by the Friday prior to the regular Wednesday meeting, 48 hours prior to special meetings and as soon as practicable for emergency meetings. Exception to this procedure requires acceptable rational to the Committee.


No item may be acted upon at any meeting of the School Committee unless it had been placed on the distributed and posted agenda according to RIGL 42-46-6.