II.  Administration                                                                                             (formerly #3430)


            B.  Fiscal Management


                        2.  Audits


                                    a.  Periodic Financial and Related Reports


State law and the Town Charter require an Annual Audit of school department finances.  The report by the independent auditors shall include all standard components.


Final copies of the Annual Audit and Management Letter Recommendations, Rhode Island Department of Education In$ite Data and Report Certification (or its equivalent) shall be forwarded to the School Committee at the next regular meeting, following the receipt of these documents.


A listing of other state financial and related reports will be provided to the School Committee each fall, identifying the various reports and due dates for submission.  The completed reports will be on file in the Central Office for examination.  Copies of these reports are available upon request.



















1st Reading:      July 13, 1988

Adopted:          August 24, 1988

Revised:           September 19, 1990


1st Reading:      May 17, 2006                                                  Narragansett School System

2nd Reading:      June 21, 2006                                                  Narragansett, Rhode Island