II.  Administration                                                                                            Formerly #4141


            B.  Fiscal Management


                        4.  Mileage and Expense


Approved mileage will be reimbursed at the standard Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rate.  The rate of reimbursement will be established at the beginning of each fiscal quarter.


Mileage and expense reports must be submitted and approved by the Superintendent and/or Administrator for Operations and Business Services.  Only school-related business and previously approved mileage/expenses will be reimbursed.



























1st Reading:      July 9, 1979

Adopted:          August 15, 1979

Revised:           September 19, 1990


            1st Reading  May 17, 2006                                                       Narragansett School System

            2nd Reading:  June 21, 2006                                                      Narragansett, Rhode Island