II.  Administration


            E.  Risk Management


                        6. Fire Prevention/Safety Compliance Policy


I.                   Purpose and Philosophy


To provide a fire safe environment through safety practices and the standardization of procedures throughout the school system to comply with State and Federal Standards.


II.                Policy


All employees of the Narragansett School System shall cooperate with the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal and local Deputy Fire Marshal to insure that their respective schools and building sites are in compliance with the Rhode Island Fire Code.


III.             Emergencies and False Alarms


A.        When Building is Occupied


1.         In the event a fire occurs, or the discovery of a fire, or unauthorized release of flammable or hazardous materials, no matter how small or insignificant the incident may appear, the individual will, without delay, activate the fire alarm by pulling the nearest alarm pull station.  In the event the pull station does not activate the alarm, the main office is to be notified immediately.  The main office will activate the alarm and dial 911.

2.         When the fire alarm is activated and the building is occupied, main office personnel will dial 911 and notify the Director of Maintenance and the Superintendent’s Office.

3.         Principal/designee shall respond to all alarms by commencing the evacuation of all persons in the building.

4.         Persons shall reenter building only after it is determined that it is safe to do so by Narragansett Fire personnel.


B.        When Building is Unoccupied


1.         The Narragansett Fire Department will notify the schools’ Director of Maintenance.  The Director of Maintenance shall call appropriate personnel to respond and assist the fire department.


C.        Appropriate Discipline for False Alarm or Setting Fire


1.         Principals shall appropriately discipline all persons responsible for giving a false alarm or setting a fire, up to and including employee dismissal and student suspension.


2.         The Narragansett Police Department and the Narragansett Fire Marshal shall be notified when an individual is suspected of triggering a false alarm or setting a fire.


I.                   Fire Drills


A.        Fire drills shall be conducted in accordance with Chapter 23-28.12-16 as follows:


(a)        It shall be the duty of the principal or other person in charge of every public school or private school or educational institution within the state, having more than twenty-five (25) pupils, to instruct and train the pupils by means of drills, so that they may in a sudden emergency be able to leave the school building in the shortest possible time and without confusion or panic.  There shall be fifteen (15) such drills or rapid dismissals during the school year, at least eight (8) of which shall be held during the months of September, October, and November.  The remaining seven (7) drills and rapid dismissals shall be held at the discretion of the principal or person in charge of the school.  At least four (4) drills or rapid dismissals shall be obstructed, which means that one or more exits and stairways in the school building are blocked off or not used, and at least two (2) of these obstructed drills shall be held during the months of September and October.  It is understood that there shall be two (2) evacuation drills and two (2) lockdown drills included among the fifteen (15) mandatory drills in each school year.


B.        Fire Drills shall include complete evacuation of all persons from the building.


C.        The school shall notify the fire department prior to each drill.


D.        A record of all fire drills shall be kept by the school principal.


E.         Records of fire drills shall include the time and date of each drill held, the name of the individual conducting such drill, and the time required to vacate the building.


II.                Safety


A.        Fire Drill Procedures

1.         Each building principal shall develop a Fire Drill plan for their site.  The plan should include the following and must be approved by the Narragansett Fire Marshal.


a.         Fire reporting procedures.

b.         Teacher responsibilities.

c.         Evacuation routes for each classroom.

d.         Rally points for each class.

e.         Procedures for accounting of each student at rally point.

f.          Posting of Evacuation Routes and locations of Fire Alarm Pull Stations.


B.        Corridors


1.         Decorations in corridors and exit ways shall be limited to 20 percent of the wall space or 50 percent if the building is sprinkled.


2.         Enclosures built of combustible decoration materials, to include paper-mache, plastic, styrofoam, chicken wire, paper and cardboard, are prohibited.


3.         Documentation that combustible decorations have been treated with a flame retardant shall be available upon request to the Fire Marshal.


4.         The use of natural cut trees shall be prohibited, even if treated.


C.        Classrooms


1.         Decorations shall be limited to 20 percent of the wall surface or 50 percent if the building is sprinkled.


2.         Flame producing devices, excluding science labs, are prohibited.


3.         Classroom doors must remain closed at all times.


4.         Door wedges are prohibited.


5.         Upholstered furniture shall be commercial or industrial grade and shall have a commercially applied flame retardant commercially.


D.        Space Heaters


1.         Electric space heaters shall be prohibited in schools except in emergency situations.


2.         Authorized space heaters shall not be left plugged in while unattended.


3.         Gas or fuel fired space heaters are prohibited for indoor use.


E.         Appliances


1.         Hot plates, electric pans or griddles are not allowed in classrooms except where the class curriculum includes the appliances.  All appliances must be inspected and approved by the Director of Maintenance.  Personal appliances shall not be brought into any facility.


2.         Extension cords are a violation of the Rhode Island Fire Code and OSHA when used as a substitute for permanent wiring.


F.         Compliance


All employees and authorized users of school facilities are expected to adhere to the fire prevention and safety compliance policy.  Individuals or groups not complying with the policy shall be referred to the Superintendent for appropriate action.




1st Reading:  August 22, 2007                                                   Narragansett School System

Adopted:  September 19, 2007                                                Narragansett, Rhode Island