III.  Human Resources                                      (formerly #4111)


            D.  Recruitment and Appointment


                        1.  Staff Vacancies


                                    a.  Staff Hiring


I.          Preface


The Narragansett School System recognizes that the recruitment and selection of high quality, dedicated personnel is key to accomplishing our mission of educating children.  Therefore, the following personnel policy has been adopted to ensure the hiring of the best personnel available.  Candidates will be selected on the basis of their qualifications, abilities, and the needs of the school system.  The policy should be read in concert with the employment contracts in place and reaffirm the school’s commitment to not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disabled veteran or veteran of the Vietnam era, or citizenship status in its employment practices.


II.         Recruitment Procedure


            A.        Advertising


                        1.         The Superintendent and/or his designee shall be responsible for advertising position openings in the school system.  The Superintendent shall decide the extent of the advertising and whether such advertisements should be placed in local, state and/or national newspapers and publications.


                        2.         Advertisements will solicit a completed employment application (certified application for all teaching/administrative positions or classified application for all other positions) which is available for download at the Narragansett School System’s general website under “Forms and Applications” at www.narragansett.k12.ri.us, along with a letter of interest, a resume, and such other credentials/copy of certification as appropriate.


            B.         Applications


                        1.         Applications for all openings in the Narragansett School System will be processed in the School Administration Office.  Applications must be completed to the satisfaction of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.


                        2.         Applications will be kept on file for a maximum of two (2) school years.  Candidates wishing to activate an application on file for a posted or advertised position must contact the Superintendent’s Office either by phone or in writing before the application deadline.


                        3.         The Superintendent, or his/her designee, shall acknowledge receipt of an application for an opening in the school system via e-mail, when an e-mail address is included in the application, and give that applicant timely notification as to the status of that application.


                        4.         Criminal Records Background Checks:


                                    All persons seeking employment with the school department shall receive a criminal background check to be initiated after receiving a conditional offer of employment.  The person seeking employment shall sign the attached release at the time of application.  Said background check will be conducted by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), Department of the Attorney General, State Police, or local police department where the person resides, and shall include fingerprinting.  Said criminal background check shall be limited to an inquiry as to whether the person seeking employment has been convicted of a crime.  If information regarding conviction of a crime is found, the Superintendent shall notify the person seeking employment of the information discovered, and make a judgment regarding the suitability of the person seeking employment.  Said judgment shall be within the sole, unreviewable discretion of the Superintendent.


The cost of said background check shall be borne by the person seeking employment.


The school system shall maintain on file, subject to inspection by the Department of Education, evidence that criminal records checks have been initiated on all employees seeking employment subsequent to July 13, 1998, and the results of the checks.


“Persons seeking employment” shall include prospective independent contractors, volunteers, and other providers of goods and services whose duties may bring them into contact with students, but shall not include existing employees of the Narragansett School System who undertake extracurricular or other extra duties.


A copy of this Policy and the waiver shall be shown to all persons seeking employment at the time that application for employment is made.






            I hereby authorize the release of my criminal conviction(s) to the Superintendent, Narragansett School System, 25 Fifth Avenue, Narragansett RI 02882



SIGNATURE                                                                          DATE                                     


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER                                             DOB                                       


DRIVER LICENSE NUMBER                                                STATE                                   



                        5.         Non-Criminal Background Checks


In addition to the criminal background checks referenced in paragraph 4, the Narragansett School System may conduct a non-criminal background check of persons seeking employment.  Said non-criminal background check is aimed at verifying educational background, licensing, credentials, and present and prior employment; as well as obtaining references, driving records, records of child protective services units, and other information pertinent to fitness for employment.  The person seeking employment shall sign the attached release at the time of application.


“Persons seeking employment” shall include prospective independent contractors, volunteers, and other providers of goods and services, but shall not include existing employees to the Narragansett School System who undertake extracurricular or other extra duties.





I hereby UNCONDITIONALLY AUTHORIZE the Narragansett School System, its employees and agents (“School System”) to conduct an unrestricted background investigation of me to such extent(s) and in such ways as determined in the School System’s sole discretion.  I UNCONDITIONALLY AUTHORIZE all persons, organizations, entities, and prior employers to release to the School System any information whatsoever that may relate in any way to me.  This authorization includes, but is not limited to, any and all information concerning non-criminal matters, such as driving records; previous employment; educational information; credential verification; personal and professional reference data and opinions.  This authorization does not include information regarding arrests or criminal charges not leading to conviction.


I unconditionally agree to RELEASE and hold harmless all persons, organizations, entities, and prior employers which may provide background information and/or references to the Narragansett School System from any legal action of any sort regarding the release of said information and/or references.  I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless said persons, organizations, and prior employers from any action brought against them as a result of said release of said references or information.


Without limitation, this authorization embraces all possible information sources, including, but not limited to those defined above in this application and specific examples as follows:  the United States Military Services; any state or federal agency or department, departments of social service, child protective services units; and any organization or person to which they may refer for release of information pertaining to possible finding(s) of child abuse or neglect investigations involving me or as to any other matter.


I FOREVER WAIVE my right of review or access to any reported information and, without limitation, hereby FOREVER RELEASE the School System and any information or data source, including organizations and individuals, from any liability of whatsoever nature in connection with its release or use, even though such individual or organization is unnamed in this authorization.  The School System may use and distribute a copy of this authorization for any purpose deemed necessary, and a copy shall operate just as effectively as the original.  I agree that this authorization is irrevocable.


Furthermore, I UNCONDITIONALLY CERTIFY that I have carefully reviewed this completed application and have made true, correct, and complete answers and statements with respect to my application, acknowledging that the information will be relied upon in considering my application; and I understand that any omission, misleading or incorrect statement or other representation made or implied by me, or any supplement thereto, whether written or oral, will be sufficient grounds for failure to employ or for immediate termination by the Narragansett School System.  I acknowledge that any employment offer/appointment made to me by the Narragansett School System shall be conditioned upon the School System’s receipt of background information which discloses no material, adverse report of any kind, as determined in the sole discretion of the Narragansett School System.  In the event the Narragansett School System determines, in its sole discretion, the existence of a material, adverse report in any background information, I agree that the employment offer/appointment shall be deemed revoked immediately without further action or notice.



SIGNATURE                                                                          DATE                                     


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER                                            


This form is to be returned with completed application to:


                        Mr. Albert E. Honnen, Jr., Superintendent

                        Narragansett School System

                        25 Fifth Avenue

                        Narragansett, RI 02882





            C.        Screening Committee Composition



                        1.         The Director of Business Operations shall convene a Screening Committee for applications for clerical/technical staff.  He/she shall be the chairperson supported by the Supervisor of Transportation & Grounds, the Supervisor of Maintenance & Custodians, or one of the school Principals.


                        2.         The building Principal or Assistant Principal shall service as Screening Committee chairperson for applications for certified personnel openings.  The Administrator for Student Services shall serve as a chairperson for Special Education teacher vacancies.  


                        3.         The composition of Screening Committees convened for the filling of certified personnel openings shall include the building administration, the department head (or equivalent), and teachers selected by the building administration whenever feasible.


                        4.         All Screening Committees convened for the filling of a Special Education teaching vacancy shall include a parent appointed by the Narragansett Special Education Advisory Committee.


                        5.         Screening Committees for administrative openings shall be established by the Superintendent of Schools.


                        6.         The composition of Screening Committees shall not change during the interview process, and every effort shall be made to have all members present at meetings and interviews.


            D.        Functions and Responsibilities of Screening Committee


                        1.         Screening Committees are advisory in nature and shall never limit the legal appointment authority of the Superintendent and the School Committee.  The purpose for convening the Screening Committee is to provide a wider and more thorough review of applications.


                        2.         Screening Committees will review applications and interview qualified candidates.  In order to determine the most qualified finalists, chairpersons are expected to verify written credentials by personally contacting the candidate’s references and/or immediate superiors/supervisors.


                        3.         Screening Committees will normally recommend in writing three finalists to the Superintendent of Schools.  If appropriate, more than three finalists may be recommended.  However, when there are qualified candidates, no less than two finalists should be recommended to the Superintendent.


                        4.         In making their written recommendations to the Superintendent, the Screening Committee should rank the finalists and document their rationale for their ranking.


                        5.         The Superintendent will verify the qualifications and credentials of finalists and may choose to interview each finalist.  The Superintendent may recommend any one of the finalists to the School Committee for appointment or may reject all finalists and re-advertise the position.  If all finalists are rejected and the position is re-advertised, the Superintendent will reconvene the original Screening Committee or direct that a new one be constituted so that the recruitment process may be recommenced.


                        6.         The Superintendent will make his/her personnel recommendation to the School Committee before the candidate is employed by the school system.  Adequate time should be allowed before the date of hire.


                        7.         The School Committee may interview the finalists recommended by the Superintendent for an administrative position.


8.                  The Screening Committee will notify all candidates in writing of the final status of their application.  All applications will then be returned to the School Central Administration Office to be kept on file (per Section II.B.2.) following selection and appointment of a candidate.


9.                  The Screening Committee process may be modified in the months of July and August due to the limited availability of Screening Committee participants.



1st Reading:                                                                                                      August 9, 1978

Adopted:                                                                                                  September 13, 1978

Amended --

            1st Reading:                               July 11, 1984

            2nd Reading:                             August 8, 1984

Revised:                                                                                                    September 19, 1990

Amended --

            1st Reading:                               May 20, 1992                                                                                                            

            2nd Reading:                              June 17, 1992                                                                                                            

Amended --                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

            1st Reading:                           February 14, 2001                                                                                             

            2nd Reading:                            March 21, 2001                                                                                               

Amended --                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

            1st Reading:                            October 17, 2001                                                                                             

            2nd Reading:                         November 14, 2001                                                                                           

Amended –

            1st Reading:  November 16, 2005                                                                                                         Narragansett School System

            2nd Reading:  December 21, 2005                                                                                                         Narragansett, Rhode Island