III.  Human Resources                                      (formerly #4116)


            D.  Recruitment and Appointment


                        1.  Staff Vacancies


                                    c.  Coaching Appointments


A.        Requirements for Coaches


            1.         Bachelor degree in education or related field preferred.


            2.         Willingness to obtain state coaching certificate and to update CPR certification every two years.


            3.         Participation in a coaches training session within one year of initial appointment.


            4.         Teaching or coaching experience at the appropriate level preferred.


            5.         Experience in sport desired.


            6.         Coaches may be hired from the Narragansett School System staff or outside of staff depending upon qualifications.


B.         Evaluation of Coaches


            Evaluation is an integral aspect of the coaching process.  It should assist coaches in helping students achieve their full potential as students/athletes.


            The objective of evaluation is to encourage self-development and professional growth, to identify coaches’ strengths and weaknesses, and to provide direction and assistance in developing new competencies.  The process should be a cooperative and sincere effort between the evaluators and the coaches.


            Evaluation should be a continuous process which encourages the development of a competent coaching staff and an effective athletic program.  It should be a positive process recognizing individuality and creativity within a framework of defined standards.


C.        Appointment of Coaches


            1.         The Athletic Director will evaluate each coach during and immediately following a given season.


            2.         With favorable evaluations, the Athletic Director will recommend a coach for contract renewal.


            3.         If a particular coach receives unfavorable evaluations, the Athletic Director will recommend a non-renewal of contract.


            4.         All coaching recommendations of the Athletic Director are subject to review and approval by the building Principal and by the Superintendent of Schools.


            5.         The Superintendent of Schools will recommend the appointment of coaches to the School Committee for their approval.





Adopted:                      April 7, 1978

Revised:                       September 19, 1990

Amended --

            1st Reading:      May 20, 1992

            2nd Reading:    June 17, 1992

Amended --

            1st Reading:      April 22, 1998

            2nd Reading:    May 20, 1998                                                  Narragansett School System

Reaffirmed:  June 21, 2006                                                                   Narragansett, Rhode Island