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Employee Policy on Substance Abuse


The Narragansett School System is committed to the observance and enforcement of State and Federal laws regulating the use of alcohol and controlled substances.  It is equally committed to creating conditions conducive to the physical and psychological health of everyone who works within its jurisdiction.  This document sets forth-certain principles and practices officially adopted in pursuance of these commitments.

Guiding Principles

The substance abuse policies of the Narragansett Public Schools are guided by the following principles:

1) Through judicious policy, sound instruction and positive example, the School System shall promote the good health of those it serves and discourage practices, which are clearly harmful.

2) Since the use of addictive, intoxicating or psychoactive substances or the improper use of medication endangers the user's health and interferes with the educational process, it constitutes a legitimate object of concern and regulation by the School System.

3) Such substance abuse is preventable and treatable.  Employees may receive drug abuse assistance and rehabilitation through their health plan.

4) In everything connected with the problem of substance abuse, it is important that the attitudes and behavior of the members of the School Committee, the administration and the entire school staff should provide a model worthy of respect and emulation.

5) The success of the School System's efforts to prevent substance abuse requires the coordinated collaboration of all other segments of the community, especially of parents and of others who deal with young people and are responsible for their development and well-being.

General Regulations

No person may, while within the jurisdiction of the Narragansett School Committee, use/abuse, possess, manufacture, sell, distribute, or be under the influence of any intoxicating or illegal substance, or be in the possession of any equipment or paraphernalia connected with the manufacture or use of any substance prohibited under this or any other School Department regulation.

The jurisdiction of the School Committee extends to all property owned, administered, or hired by the School System, to the activities of faculty, administration, other employees and students during the hours of the work day and at school-sponsored events.

In this regulation and in any further statement and policies explaining or implementing it, the term "illegal substance" means controlled substances as that term is defined by federal and Rhode Island law.  Further, the term "intoxicating substance" means any material whose absorption into the tissues of the body affects the normal functioning of the nervous or muscular systems.  Hence, this regulation prohibits not only all use or possession of illegal substances and the implements of their use, but also prohibits alcohol and any other substance, including medications, except when used as directed under prescription, whose use or misuse results in intoxication as defined above.

Any employee violating any section of our Employee Policy on Substance Abuse may be subject to appropriate personnel action with sanctions up to and including termination of employment and referral for prosecution in accordance with collective bargaining agreements and statutory provisions.

The School System shall provide assistance to those who are experiencing problems with substance abuse and seek assistance.  Employees may obtain confidential assistance through the Employee Assistance Program. Information about this program may be obtained from the Narragansett School System’s Central Office or through the employee's union.  Students may obtain confidential assistance through the school guidance department.

Implementation of Policy

1) The Superintendent is responsible for the implementation of this policy in cooperation with other administrators, teachers, staff and other community members and organizations, and in collaboration with agencies which provide self-help or professional services in the treatment and prevention of substance abuse.  He/she shall develop the specific plans and programs deemed necessary to implement the School System's substance abuse policies effectively.

2) The Superintendent is responsible for the publication of this policy and its annual distribution to the employees and students of the Narragansett Public Schools, as well as for disseminating knowledge of its more important provisions among the local public at large.

3) The Superintendent shall be responsible for initiating a regular review of this policy and its means of implementation in all the schools and for making recommendations concerning its revision.

4) Whenever the school system receives any federal grants, the Superintendent shall also ensure that the Narragansett School System conforms to the drug free workplace requirements for recipients of federal grants which are not otherwise covered by this policy.  This shall include establishing a drug-free awareness program to inform employees about (i) the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace; (ii) the grantee's policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace; (iii) any available drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs; and iv) the penalties that may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations.  It shall also include, making it a requirement, that each employee to be engaged in the performance of the federal grant be given an individual copy of this policy and that the employee be advised that as a condition of employment on the grant, the employee must notify the Superintendent of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than 5 days after such conviction, in addition to the general condition of employment that requires all employees to abide by the terms of this Drug Free Workplace policy.

The Superintendent shall also notify the granting agency within 10 days after receiving notice of an employee's conviction either from the employee or otherwise.


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21 USC 812

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1st Reading:                  November 20, 1991

Adopted:                      December 18, 1991

Amended --

            1st Reading:      May 18, 1994

            2nd Reading:    June 29, 1994


1st Reading:      January 18, 2006                                              Narragansett School System

2nd Reading:      February 15, 2006                                           Narragansett, Rhode Island