IV.  Instruction                                                                                                 Formerly #1231


            A.  Curricular Policies


                        2.  Instructional Mandates


                                    d.  Title I Parent-Teacher Consultation


The Title I Program shall be designed after analyzing assessment data from participating students and after consulting with parents and teachers of the participating children.  At Title I meetings, discussions are to be held concerning present, as well as future, funding and design of the program(s).  Problems of program implementation will be openly discussed, and various solutions offered by teachers, parents, and administrators will be considered.  Evaluative results of the program(s) will be presented to the parents and teachers and discussed by all.  Coordination of the Title I Program with other programs also will be discussed.


A survey will be conducted every spring to solicit data from teachers, administrators, and parents.  Parents are to be involved in teacher/parent contact through school conferences explaining the program, the role of parental input in the program, written policies related to the program, and the student’s involvement and progress in the program.  Parents will be required to sign parental permission forms to allow student participation.  Also, Title I students will have personal literacy plans (PLPs), which will insure that all students become proficient readers and can read at grade level.


The major components to a PLP include:

  • Assessment used to determine student needs.
  • Intervention designed to target instruction based on student needs identified through assessments.
  • Progress monitoring used to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention to date and determine future action.


An annual public meeting of Title I parents will be scheduled in mid-June of each year.  Other meetings will be provided throughout the year if the parents so desire, and the Title I Program will provide full support for parent activities such as “Most effective reading strategies which build parents capacity to help their child read at home.”


An annual survey will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the parent-involvement activities of the Title I Program which will include feedback on the parent resource center, the after school literacy program, the afternoon/parent workshops to support the home-school effort.



1st Reading:      April 12, 1989

Adopted:          May 10, 1989

Revised:           August 22, 1990                                                           Narragansett School System

Revised:           April 21, 2004                                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island