IV.  Instruction


            A.  Curricular Policies


                        3.  Evaluation of the Instructional Program


                                    a.  Annual Review of Instructional Programs


The curriculum in the Narragansett Schools must be continually evaluated in order to ensure that the best possible instructional programs are provided to students.  Evaluation is most effective when assessment data is analyzed to determine how well the instructional program is aligned with state and national standards and how well it meets the needs of students.  In addition, efforts must be made to ensure vertical and horizontal alignment.


Additions, deletions, or significant modifications to the instructional program proposed by either the district or school must be reviewed by the superintendent or designee on or about December 1 of each year for the next school year.  The superintendent or designee will then make a recommendation to the school committee for adoption at the January school committee meeting.


Proposed changes will include the following information:

Changes to the instructional program for the next academic year will be communicated to staff, students and parents on or about March 1 of each year.




First Reading:  July 22, 2009                                                               Narragansett School System

Adopted:  August 26, 2009                                                                    Narragansett, Rhode Island