IV.  Instruction                                     (formerly #6143)


            A.  Curricular Policies


                        3.  Evaluation of the Instructional Program


                                    a.  Annual Review of Program of Studies


Additions, deletions, or significant modifications of the Program of Studies for each Narragansett school must be proposed by the Principal and reviewed by the Assistant Superintendent by December 1st each year for the next school year.  The Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent will then make their recommendations to the School Committee for formal adoption of the Program of Studies at the January School Committee meeting.


Proposed changes will include the following information:


            --   Title

            --   Brief Description

            --   Rationale for Change

            --   Student Learning Objectives

            --   Impact on Existing Programs

            --   Congruence With Long-Range Curriculum Development Plan

            --   Relationship to state and system-wide goals and priorities and budget implications


The Program of Studies for the next academic year will be completed and distributed to staff and students on or about February 1st of each year.



1st Reading:                  December 10, 1980

Adopted:                      January 14, 1981

Amended --

            1st Reading:      December 13, 1989

            2nd Reading:    January 10, 1990

Revised:                       September 19, 1990


            1st Reading:  September 20, 2006                                             Narragansett School System

            2nd Reading:                                                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island