IV.  Instruction                                     (formerly #6141.1)


            B.  Instructional Resources and Materials


                        1.  Free Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials


                                    b.  Instructional Materials/Textbook Replacement and Modernization


Instructional materials/textbook replacement and modernization in the Narragansett Schools will be based on an assessment conducted annually by the administrator for curriculum and instruction.  In addition, the administrator will review the entire series of instructional materials/textbooks for a curriculum area.  This review will ascertain whether instructional materials/textbooks exist in sufficient quantity to meet instructional program requirements; are content current and relevant to instructional program requirements; and are in usable condition.  Every effort will be made to provide textbooks which are current and consistent with the approved learning objectives for each curriculum area.


When a change in textbook is needed, the recommendation of teachers and administrators shall guide the Superintendent in making recommendations to the School Committee.


The School Committee will provide a sufficient number of instructional materials/textbooks to ensure that each pupil in a classroom has instructional materials/textbooks for his/her own use by the first day of school.  Materials are assigned to students on a loan basis.  Each student is responsible for the return of instructional materials/textbooks and must pay for such materials if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond normal use.



            Legal Reference:           General Laws of Rhode Island, Section 16-23-8


            Cross Reference:          See “Selection of Instructional Materials”, Policy #6141



1st Reading:      May 6, 1987

Adopted:          June 3, 1987

Revised:           September 19, 1990                                                     Narragansett School System

Reaffirmed:       June 21, 2006                                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island