IV.  Instruction                                     (formerly #6162)


            B.  Instructional Resources and Materials


                        3.  Extra Help for Students


                                    b.  Sale of Supplementary Materials to Students


The Narragansett School Committee approves of the sale of appropriate supplementary materials to students.  These may be purchased on a voluntary basis and must not be required reading.  Further, the students/parents must not be coerced to purchase the above named materials.


Students are not to be held accountable for the contents of the same above named materials.



1st Reading:      January 19, 1977

Adopted:          February 2, 1977

Revised:           September 19, 1990                                                     Narragansett School System

Reaffirmed:       June 21, 2006                                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island