V.  Students                                                                                                   (formerly #1141)


            A.  Administrative Policies


                        11.  Student Gifts and Solicitations


Pupils, parents, and other patrons of the school system shall be discouraged from the routine presentation of gifts to school employees.  When a pupil feels a spontaneous desire to present a gift to a staff member, the gift shall not be elaborate or unduly expensive.  The School Committee shall consider as always welcome, and in most cases more appropriate than gifts, the writing of letters to staff members expressing gratitude or appreciation.


The policy shall not be interpreted as intended to discourage acts of generosity in unusual situations, and simple remembrances expressive of affection of gratitude shall not be regarded as violations of this policy.



1st Reading:      October 10, 1979

Adopted:          November 14, 1979                                                     Narragansett School System

Reaffirmed:       April 12, 2006                                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island