V.  Students                                                                                                   (formerly #5121)


            A.  Administrative Policies


                        2.  Student Records and Information


                                    a.  Access to Student Records


Special education/services files on students have limited access.  Those with access to these records are as follows:


            1.         Parents, guardians, and students who have reached 18 years of age, the age of                          majority.


            2.         The State Department of Education as required by State and Federal regulations.


            3.         The Narragansett Special Education/Services Diagnostic Team.


            4.         The building administrator(s) where the student is receiving services.


            5.         The Special Education and regular classroom teacher(s) currently working with                          the student.


            6.         The Guidance Counselor who is currently working with the student.


All other access to student files requires written permission by the parent, guardian, or student who has reached 18 years of age.



1st Reading:      July 21, 1976

Adopted:          August 18, 1976                                                           Narragansett School System

Revised:           September 19, 1990                                                     Narragansett, Rhode Island