V.  Students                                                                                                (formerly #5122.1)


            A.  Administrative Policies


                        2.  Student Records and Information


                                    b.  Student Directory


The School Committee believes that a Student Directory should be developed and published to give third parties, approved by the School Committee, the opportunity to directly contact students in grades 11 and 12 regarding educational and career opportunities.


The Student Directory will contain name, address, and telephone number of eleventh and twelfth grade students.  Development of the directory shall be the responsibility of the High School Principal and Assistant Principal for Student Services, in accordance with applicable privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations.  The document shall be completed by the end of the first quarter of each school year.


The Administration will develop appropriate procedures which will include annual notification of parents or guardians of students in eleventh and twelfth grades regarding the option to have their child’s name, address, and telephone number excluded from publication in the directory and disclosure to approve third parties.  Such exclusion will be in the form of a signed statement which shall be kept on file in the school office.


Central to all procedures shall be the intention of the School Committee to ensure parent approval/student approval to protect student and family privacy and confidentiality rights, within the constraints of the educational process.



Legal References:         Public Law 93-579, Privacy Act of 1974

                                    Public Law 93-380, Education Amendments of 1974, Sections 513 and                                                            514

                                    Federal Statutes on Privacy Rights of Parents and Students, Sections 99.1,                                                        99.3, and 99.37


Cross Reference:          See Student Confidentiality, Policy #5122



Reviewed:        July 8, 1987

1st Reading:      August 12, 1987

Adopted:          August 26, 1987                                                           Narragansett School System

Revised:           September 19, 1990                                                     Narragansett, Rhode Island