V.  Students                                                                                                                   #6111


            A.  Administrative Policies


                        3.  Attendance


It is the policy of the Narragansett School System to expect regular and consistent attendance in school.  Consistent attendance is essential to the learning process and cannot be overemphasized.  Absences from school and/or class disrupt the continuity of the learning process.  Parents are expected to assist the school by supporting the attendance policy.  Family trips and college visitations should be planned for school vacation periods.  As much as possible, doctor’s appointments should be scheduled for after school hours.


Students shall be excused from school/class for a reasonable time for the following reasons:


                                                Personal illness

                                                Serious family matters

                                                Religious holidays

                                                School approved trips or events



A written excuse or phone call from the parents/guardians is required for an absence to be considered excused.  Any absence that does not fit the above criteria and/or receive administrative consent will be considered an unexcused absence.  It is understood that discipline consequences may be applied for unexcused absences and that grades or course credit can be affected by lack of attendance, whether excused or unexcused.  In addition, participation in school sponsored events can be denied based on absence or tardiness on a given day.  Excessive absences will be referred to the RI Truancy Court.


Tardiness is also a deterrent to school achievement.  In order for tardiness to be excused, the reason for the tardiness must be communicated by the parent that day.  Valid reasons for tardiness are the same as those for excused absences.  Excessive tardiness can result in discipline consequences as outlined in each school’s Student Handbook or referral to the truant officer.




Adopted:          August 15, 1979

Revised:           September 19, 1990


            First Reading:  February 21, 2007                                             Narragansett School System

            Second Reading:  March 21,2007                                             Narragansett, Rhode Island