V.  Students                                                                                                   (formerly #1322)


            A.  Administrative Policies


                        9.  Extracurricular Fundraising and Commercial Activities


                                    b.  Fund Raising


The Narragansett School Committee recognizes that generating additional revenue in support of programs can enhance educational and extra-curricular services for students.  This policy includes traditional fundraising activities as well as social events which may incorporate a fundraising component.  Funds raised shall be used to benefit students, enhance the quality and relevance of education for learners, and contribute to the development of responsible citizens.  Fundraising activities must be compatible with the best interests of the students, school personnel, and community and not detract from the instructional program. 


In accordance with R.I.G.L. 16-38-6, the following restrictions on fundraising and commercial activity in the Narragansett Schools shall apply.


  • Fundraising activities that are directly sponsored and controlled by the school should be limited so that no more than one such major activity occurs during a given period of time in that school.  Each school shall develop a calendar of fundraising events for the school year.  The elementary, middle, and high school principals shall coordinate major fundraising activities so that community members will not be confronted with several schools having fundraising events occurring at the same time. 


  • Principals shall encourage the parent/teacher organization (PTO) and various booster organizations to coordinate their fundraising activities with school sponsored activities.  All activities are to be submitted through the building principal for his guidance and approval.  It is strongly encouraged that the PTO and booster organizations’ fundraising activities be placed on the school fundraising calendar to foster coordination and planning.   Furthermore, it is recommended that a district calendar be compiled from the combined school, PTO, and booster organization calendars.


  • Schools may not conduct any sales campaign, project, or other fundraising process which requires, encourages, or otherwise promotes the utilization of students in door-to-door solicitation.  Students should not be put at risk when participating in fundraising activities.  Autonomous organizations, such as PTO and booster clubs, must comply with these requirements if students or school department employees are to be utilized in fundraising activities.


  • All fundraising and other commercial activities shall be entirely voluntary.  No student, teacher, or other employee shall be subject to any punishment, sanction, loss, or other detriment as a result of not participating in any sales, sales promotion, or other commercial activity.  Moreover, students may be asked, but not be required to deliver any sales promotion or other commercial materials to their parents or guardians. 


  • No commercial goods or services shall be sold to students in the Narragansett Schools or on school property, nor shall any commercial materials (flyers, literature, and advertisements that are concerned with non-profit fundraising efforts, or any other solicitation) be given to students from the schools, except as authorized by the Superintendent.


  • Careful consideration should be given to “incentive” fundraising.  All groups are encouraged to choose incentives that are appropriate and safe for our students.


  • No fundraising or commercial activity conducted in the Narragansett Schools shall violate any provision of the Student Nutrition and Physical Activity Policy.


  • Fundraising activities benefiting the schools which involve games of chance or raffles must be conducted in accordance with state law and approved regulations. 


  • An accounting of the income and expenditures related to school fundraising and commercial activities will be forwarded to the Narragansett School System Business Office by each school and autonomous organization, such as the PTO and various booster clubs, on a monthly and annual basis.


  • If deemed necessary to avoid disruption of the school curriculum, the Superintendent may limit the number and duration of fundraising and other commercial activities in any school year or particular school.


  • No public school official or public school employee shall, for any purpose, solicit or exact from any student in any public school any contribution or gift of money or any article of value or any pledge to contribute any money or article of value, without prior permission being granted by the building principal.



1st Reading:                  October 10, 1979

Adopted:                      November 14, 1979

Revised:                       August 22, 1990

Amended --

            1st Reading:      May 18, 1994

            2nd Reading:    June 29, 1994

Amended –

            1st Reading:      November 19, 1997

            2nd Reading:    January 21, 1998

Amended –

            1st Reading:      August 24, 2005                                   Narragansett School System

            Approved:        September 21, 2005                             Narragansett, Rhode Island