V.  Students                                                                                                     Formerly #5143


            C.  Disciplinary Policies


                        1.  Code of Conduct


                                    b.  Student Discipline


It shall be the policy of the Narragansett School System to expect standards of good citizenship from all members of the school community.  Authority for establishing codes of student behavior and standards of student dress for each school shall rest with the school administration.  All regulations and/or codes so established shall be approved by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee.


1.         Individual conduct shall reflect consideration for others.


2.         High personal standards of courtesy, decency, and honesty with others must be maintained.


3.         Respect for persons and property is expected.


4.         Conformance to school rules and regulations is expected of all.


Inappropriate conduct for which students will be disciplined includes, but is not limited to:


Disrespect; insubordination; disrupting class; smoking; possession, selling, or being under the influence of illegal substances; possession of weapons, fighting; stealing; vandalism; failure to comply with school directives; card playing/gambling on school premises; leaving school without permission; cutting classes; unexcused tardiness; truancy.




Adopted:                      August 27, 1975

Revised:                       September 19, 1990

Amended --

            1st Reading:      May 18, 1994

            2nd Reading:    June 29, 1994


            1st Reading:  March 21, 2007                                                   Narragansett School System

            2nd Reading:  April 11, 2007                                                    Narragansett, Rhode Island