V.  Students                                                                                                     Formerly #5135


            C.  Disciplinary Policies


                        1.  Code of Conduct


                                    c.  Detention


The Narragansett School System recognizes the need for and permits detention at the close of the school day, and at other designated times, for disciplinary reasons.


When a pupil is detained at school beyond the normal dismissal time, the teacher shall give appropriate consideration to factors of pupil transportation, traffic, and any other extenuating circumstances.  The age and grade level of the pupil shall be considered in determining the length of time a pupil may be detained after school.  Under no circumstances should a pupil be detained beyond the normal closing time, unless the parents or legal guardian have been notified.





Adopted:          August 27, 1975

Revised:           September 19, 1990


            First Reading:  March 21, 2007                                                Narragansett School System

            Second Reading:  April 11, 2007                                              Narragansett, Rhode Island