Best Butterfly Websites

Journey North pictures, information, books and slideshows


Monarch Movies


Kidzone Monarch Butterfly


Life Cycle of the Monarch


Butterfly World


Monarch Watch


Butterflies at the Field Museum


All About Butterflies information can be shared with kids


Butterfly School pictures, information, and more


Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs


The Butterfly Collection  Lots of great links


Monarch Listen to the answers


Butterfly and Moth Print Outs  good pictures


Butterfly Math Coloring Page


Butterfly Pictures  great photos of many kinds


Butterfly coloring pages  The life cycle


Butterfly Optical Illusion  This would be a great activity to do with an older buddy class.


Symmetry  Make a simple balancing butterfly.


Where Do Butterflies Come From  This is a great visual art project that will help children remember.