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Baseball Math Problem Practice


1.     Babe Ruth hit 45 homes runs in a pro-season. In the regular season he hit 99 home runs. How many home runs did he hit all together?



2.     If Roger Clemens pitched a whole game, had 9 strikeouts in the game without letting anybody get on base, would he have pitched a perfect game?



3.     Manny Ramirez hit 3 homers each in five games. How many homers did he hit?



4.     Nomar Garciaparra threw seven outs in two games. He also caught two in every game with out letting the baseball touch the ground. How many outs did he make total in the two games?


5.     Ivan Rodriguez caught 101 baseballs in one game. This continued for 5 games strait. How many baseballs did he catch in those 5 games?



BONUS: Derek Jeter started 2 double plays for his team. He did this in 45 games. One hundred and sixty two games are in a season. How many games did he not start two double plays?


Baseball Math- more baseball math practice


How to...


figure out an ERA (Earned Run Average) - multiply the total numbers of earned runs by 9, and divide the results by the total innings pitched.


figure out an SLG (Slugging Percentage) - divide the total number of bases of all base hits by the total number of times at bat.


figure out an OBP (On-Base Percentage) - divide the total number of hits, bases on balls, and hits by pitch, by the players total at bats plus bases on balls, hits by pitch and sacrifice flies.






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